Born in the flooded backwaters of a remote village in a country of tiny importance (and simultaneously suffering from drought and famine), our hero, this blog author, climbed out of the primordial soup to become a law professor.  He wasn’t destined to be so.  He didn’t come from Harvard or Yale.   This is probably a good thing because the roundabouts in Boston confuse him.  Nonetheless, against all odds and against parental desire that he become an engineer, he managed to graduate from a law school and enter the halls of academe.  Actually, it is more accurate to say he broke into the halls of academe.  Or perhaps gained admission using stealth or a trojan horse.  Regardless, he is there.  He is now choosing to share his insights to those who would like to listen.

DISCLAIMER:  Do not take anything I say seriously.  Or you’ll end up like me.  You really, really don’t want that.