Dear Friend,

It is with good fortunate and the will of God smiling upon us that I should find you here again this year! Good day to you and your law review! I apologize if the content here-under are contrary to your moral ethics, but please treat with absolute secrecy and personal.

My name is Mr. Lawprofblawg from Lawprofblawg Law School, but I have worked with famous people from your homeland. I am coauthor of a famous law professor, who shines upon me blessings of joy and fortune from the heavens. I am the son of the great Ms. Lawprofblawgmom, who is the leader of a great far away country I call home. My father died in the great war of the Interstate 5 collision.

I am the only Mentee of the great law professor, heretoyet be named. He died on U.S. election night of a broken heart, and poisoning due to his work with the Russian Embassy. I was constrained to grieve at his funeral due to the limitations of using university travel funds for non-scholarly events. The associate dean would not request my request to hold post-death séance.

Before his untimely and greatly sad death, my Mentor helped write the attached article. He moved enough funds to ensure I would be able to finish this article and host a symposium on it. The funds are in Burkina Faso, but the article resides with me.

The bank refuses to release the funds to me because my Mentor feared I would spend it all on reprints. The total is $12,501.45 USD. When I applied to get the money, the Directors told me that my Mentor left a “Note” (WILL) in the form of conditions, that the banks Must Not release the funds to me until I have found a proper high ranked home for our article.

This then brought me to the issue of searching for a reputable and trustworthy journal, who has vast experiences in articles and symposia.

I want to transfer this fund into your bank account in your country, so that we could invest it wisely in a symposium, with my article as lead article. I have contacted the Director of the bank where the fund is deposited in Burkina Faso, and asked if the fund could be loaded into an ATM VISA CARD and he said it is possible to load some of the funds into an ATM VISA CARD, while most of it will be wired to your account via online bank transfer.

Why I contacted you is that I want you to publish my article, and perhaps provide your ATM number, so we can make the will of my great legal scholar mentor come true. This transaction will be beneficial to us all, and bring good karma to you and your family and pets.

I will appreciate whatever result you may brief me. Do let me know your idea and knowledge regarding these or any other profitable symposium you may suggest for us to do together.

I shall tell you more about this transaction as soon as I get your Offer letter concerning this article.

Waiting for your reply,

Thanks and best regards,

The Ever Indebted to you Lawprofblawg