The neat thing about faculty meetings is the chance to see the people around the law school you very rarely see.  All in the same room.  Thus, it is vitally important you embrace these rare opportunities and be happy about them.  Or so I’m told.  But beyond all else, it is important to recognize how we really haven’t gotten too far from the animal kingdom.

Let’s start off with the greeting.  Usually the Dean gives a greeting and a report.


After the Dean’s report, usually you’ll see some rare senior faculty members, frequently walking in late to demonstrate their importance.


The junior faculty will hang out in the back and look cool.


As debate about something or another begins, some of your colleagues will see things in black and white terms.


But no one will talk about the elephant in the room.  However, the elephants WILL remember back in 1950 when the law school last attempted whatever will be voted upon.


The zoo can even help you understand some unruly behavior at faculty meetings.


Sometimes faculty can even be envious of other faculty.  Or in the colloquial “jelly.”


With a little patience and understanding, you’ll be able to see the behavior of your colleagues as primal.  You’re welcome.