Beginning of Law School advice: 

A 1L preparation guide here.

Starting your summer before law school?  Read here.

Should You Use A Laptop?   The debate parameters are here.

What courses should you take after your first year of law school?  Answer is here.

Avoiding drama in law school.  Advice here.

Nothing to fear, not even fear itself.  Avoiding the fear advice here.

More advice for 1Ls: Tips for Scheduling.

Conquering fear in law school.  Tips here.

Read the syllabus!  Here’s why.


Once you’ve settled in:

Missing a class?  Absence excuse form (humor).  Form here.

Recovering during Spring Break?  Advice here.

Keeping your humanity, and your sanity.  Advice here.

What are your law professors thinking?  Insight here.

‘Tis the season to chill out and focus.  Advice here.

Troubleshooting:  FAQ from 1Ls.  Answers here.


On final exams and grades:

Didn’t ace your finals?  Advice here.

Basic truths about final exam time.  Advice here.

9 mistakes you may have made on your final.

On grading of your law exams.  Some insight here.