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When law students freak out during exam review, it can be rough.  Via Above the Law.


Being a law professor isn’t all about you.  Check your ego.


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Once you’ve settled in:

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Me (singing in shower): You write 16 tons/and what do you get/another day older and…

Knock knock knock knock.

 Me: Goodness, something must be urgent. Hang on! Getting dressed.

(Lawprofblawg opens door)

Prof 1: Hi, I’m Prof 1, I am a labor law professor. Actually, just wanted to point out that the original lyrics were 16 tons, because the song involves coal mining operations and company stores located on…..

Me: Thanks. (slams door).

Knock knock knock knock.

(Lawprofblawg opens door)

Prof 2: Hi, I’m a privacy expert at University of Prestige. I heard you were singing in the shower. Did you know my work in Harvard Law Review suggests a strong causal relationship between shower singing and password hacking at resort hotels?

Me: Thanks. (slams door).

Knock knock knock knock.

(Lawprofblawg opens door)

Prof 3: Hi, the privacy law expert was telling everyone that you were singing loudly in your shower and everyone could hear. As a copyright expert…..

Me: Thanks. (slams door).

Knock knock knock knock. 

(Lawprofblawg opens door)

Housekeeping: Good morning! Housekeeping.

Me: Thank God.


There’s always one in the crowd.  At least.


The Lawprof of the Night (sung to: Music of the Night, Phantom of the Opera)

Night time sharpens, heightens each discussion

Alcohol flows, increases each professor’s percussion

Quite loudly the senses are barraged with inebriated defenses

Of arguments shot down in broad daylight


Slowly, gently, night unfurls some liquor

Professors grasp it, mix it, tomorrow’s head will be tender

Turn your face away from the panels of midday

Turn your thoughts to my conversation bright

Turn your thoughts to the lawprof of the night.


Close your mind and never surrender to their arguments

Purge thoughts of all logic from before

Listen closely to my inebriated argument soar!!!

And you’ll see how brilliant I am…and more.


Loudly, deftly, let my argument caress you

Open up your mind, let your hope of escaping unwind

In the darkness which you know you cannot fight

The darkness of the lawprof of the night.


Let your mind start a journey to my awesome world

Leave all thoughts that you’re argument is as good alone

Let your soul take you to my philosophy

Only then can you worship me


Floating, falling, sweet intoxication

Talking over another, savour the libations

Let the dream begin, let your darker side give in

To the power of the articles I write

The power of the lawprof of the night


You alone can make my articles have cites

Tell me how awesome I am, the lawprof of the night

Frustrated?  Annoyed?  I’ve been there.  Gain some perspective.  Via Above the Law.

Are you a 1L considering using a laptop?  Think again.  Via Above the Law.

Or really, have you just thanked anyone who works in a library?  Via Above the Law.