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The following exchange didn’t happen.  Yet.  I’m very excited about upcoming faculty meetings, though!

ME: OMG, a pokemon right here at the faculty meeting!  And I’m not even on my phone!

COLLEAGUE:  What are you talking about?

ME:  You’re Gliscor!  You can’t fool me.  I heard you speak just now.  Let me pull out my phone to capture you.

COLLEAGUE: Is this some Pokemon Go joke?

ME:  Hmmm…. you’re not uploading…. This is frustrating… I’m sure I just saw you use toxic orb at the meeting.

COLLEAGUE:  You clearly didn’t like what I said at the meeting.  Look, no need to be ….

ME: Maybe I have it wrong.  Maybe you’re Tentacruel…





Hey Justice Ginsburg,

I’m really upset that you would say something like that about a presidential candidate.  As you know, Justices should be above the political fray.

Not true, you say?  Well, you should at least avoid the appearance of impropriety.

Look, it just looks bad.  You don’t want people to question your impartiality, do you?

What do you mean that would be just ducky?

Okay, well, I understand you have viewpoints.  But we don’t want people to think your viewpoints cloud your object…..

What do spouses have to do with it?

You know, you’re difficult to talk to sometimes, even in an imaginary context.

What do you mean, see U.S. v. Alcoa, 148 F.2d 416?


If you’re dealing with an abusive dean, see this column.

If you’re a dean or department chair, read this column.  You might also want to read this post, too.  Really, the advice applies for anyone in administration.

I’ve been in the position of having an abusive dean before.  If you’re in that position, you have my sympathy.  Thankfully, my current administration are mostly cool.