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“The Crazy” is the feeling people get around final exams.  Some have it all year.  Regardless, it’s annoying.

Via Above the Law.


Ever have a student be so nice to you and then knife you?  This letter is for them.  Whether they ask for a letter or not.

Via Above the Law.

My thoughts on the different types of drama.  Via Above the Law.

Perfect Class (Sung To One Direction’s Perfect)

Student: Should I take your class?


Me: (Breaks into song)

I might never be your favorite professor

I might never be the one from whom you take a class for pleasure

And I might never be the one who brings you A minuses or better

But I can be the prof, be the prof for a semester.


When I first saw you

From across the room

I could tell that you were studious

Student, I hope you’re sure

What you’re looking for

‘Cause I’m not good at making promises (about grades)


But if you like studying hard in library rooms

And if you like having rapid fire questions so fast like sonic booms

If you like to do the things you know that lawyers do

Student, My class is perfect

The class is perfect for you


And if you like midnight studying with your spirits down

And if you like looking up latin words you can’t even pronounce

If you like to not do whatever you’ve been dreaming about

This class is perfect

This class is perfect

So let’s start class right now

What courses should you be taking?  You can read this.  Or forward it to a friend who can take an opposing viewpoint.