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Okay, not every law professor.  This is just how I think when I’m in class.  I apologize in advance.


a.  Writer’s block.

b.  Administration keeps me down.

c.  Too much committee work.

d.  See this post.

My advice on confronting your past grades, and overcoming your fear of future exams, via Above the Law.

What we don’t know about the bar exam can fill a tanker.  Via Above the Law.

New York – In anticipation of the American Association of Law Schools Conference taking place here (again), AALS officials warn—be finished with your grading or you won’t get in.

“Our crack team of volunteer law students will be looking for two things: 1. A Badge and 2. A green sticker showing that the professor’s associate dean has confirmed that all of that professor’s grades are turned in,” said AALS Director, Joe Lawprofblawg. “If you don’t have both, the students will bar your entrance.”

AALS officials speculate two effects stemming from this policy change. They first anticipate a disproportionate share of Yale law professors at AALS. They also anticipate record-breaking grade inflation as law professors submit grades at the door.

Some professors were quick to criticize the policy.   “I’ve only had a month to grade 100 essay exams,” complained one professor, who wished to remain anonymous. “Sure, 50% of the exam was multiple-choice, but this one essay question was really tricky.”

“I had to have my exams Federal Express shipped to finish grading on time,” complained another professor. “I have a talk to give. I can’t be bothered with grades just yet. The new semester doesn’t start for another week anyway.”

Other professors, at one of the many cocktail receptions, confessed they would move to multiple-choice exams due to the change.