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It’s AALS time.  Some thoughts on the routine of it, via Above the Law.


My take on the different perspectives of students and professors around final exam time.  Via Above the Law.

Me: Alrighty. A new iPhone 6! This will be fun. Just have to restore my old phone onto this one…..

Siri: Your phone OS is too old. Update it!

Me: Okay. Which OS…….let’s see. Oh, on the new phone. Got it.

Siri: Download in progress. Wait 15 minutes.

Me: Fine. I’ll just grade a paper.

(15 minutes passes).

Me: Hmm….let me just check.

Siri: Download in progress. Wait 10 minutes.

Me: Okay…..(continues grading the exam).

Siri: Hola! Hello! Ni-Hau (And, in another language, it says “you’re about to be screwed.”)

Me: Okay, good. Now all I have to do is restore……

Siri: Sorry. “Find my iPhone has to be off before the phone can be restored.”

Me: Okay. (Turns off Find my iPhone).

Siri: Password please!

(Enters password).

Me: (clicks restore button)

Siri: Sorry. “Find my iPhone has to be off before the phone can be restored.”

Me: I did that!

Siri: I’m saying you didn’t.

Me: Okay, you must mean the old phone.

Siri: I’m not telling you.

Me: (Turns off “Find my iPhone” on old phone. Clicks restore button).

Siri: Sorry. “Find my iPhone has to be off before the phone can be restored.”

Me: Hmmmm……let’s see. Runs through all the “known problems pages” that Apple apparently ignores when upgrading its OS.

(15 minutes and ten attempts to fix later).

Siri: Sorry. “Find my iPhone has to be off before the phone can be restored.”

Me: You win. I’ll just do this manually.

Siri: Remember how well you had your apps organized. That’s gone now.

Me: I know.

Siri: May I suggest Apple Pay for the 12th time?

Me: Maybe later.

Siri: Okay, are you happy now? You have your apps.

Me: Let’s set up my email accounts.

Siri: I’ll let you. It’s a good thing you’re tech savvy or you’d be crying right now.

Me: Thanks! Now this is the Apple I’m used to dealing with…….hey, where are my calendars and contacts?

Siri: I can’t say.

Me: They are supposed to sync.

Siri: Do you get a syncing feeling?

Me: Well, this is useless without my calendar and contacts.   Let me try refreshing that….

Siri: Nope. Ha!

Me: Hey! Where did my calendar go on my computer???

Siri: Bwahahahahahaha.

Me: (Expletive). Okay, let me log in at work and check…okay, it’s still there.

Siri: For now.

Me: Let me check the known problems pages….oh, this has been a known problem for a while now. Thanks, Apple.

Siri: You’re welcome.

Me: I’m done with you. I’m going to call Applecare!

Siri: Remember the last time you called Applecare?

(Hangs up phone)

Me: Okay, let me try this cure. I’ll log out of iCloud, and log back in. Contacts should be there!

Siri: They aren’t.

Me: Okay, let me try this. I’ll log out of iCloud, refresh my network settings, restart my phone, sign into iCloud. My contacts should be there.

Siri: #Sorrynotsorry. Is that a nice bottle of wine? Too bad you can’t use your Vivino app to log it.

Me: Okay, let me think. I’ll log off on my computer, see if I can push the Calendar back onto my computer. Then manually sync calendar and contacts. Okay, Calendar is back. Excellent. Take this:

Siri: Yeah, no. I won’t.

Me: Let’s see….how about I completely remove the account from my computer, and my iphone, reinstall the account on my computer, and then reset the iPhone, then see if that works. That will only take an hour.

Siri: That’s crazy! You should set up Apple Pay.

(an hour later)

Me: It worked! I defeated you! I have my calendar, contacts, and email. Take that. Of course, there is no reason that should work, but we are dealing with Apple. Hey, where are my apps?

Siri: You reset me, remember?

Me: Clicks restore.

Siri: Sorry. “Find my iPhone has to be off before the phone can be restored.”

Me: (Manually downloads apps–again).

Siri: Do you remember all your app passwords and account names?

Me: (expletive). Wait, ha ha ha. They are on my old phone. I’ll just……battery’s dead. (Waits to recharge).

Siri: That was fun. What do you want to do next?

Me: Let’s try getting music on my phone. Then I’ll reorganize my apps again.

Siri: It’s 1 a.m. Don’t you want some sleep first? Or maybe set up Apple Pay?

Me: Music helps me sleep.

Siri: Okay…..

Me: First, I’ll log that wine on Vivino.

Siri: This app is no longer supported. Please download our new app…….

(adventure continues).

Apple, thank you for a lovely evening. I’m reminded how much fun I have each time I buy one of your products.

Via Above the Law.

Also, I am considering a Lawprofblawg reception off-site.

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