Dear Professor,

I have not read for class today.  It was because (check all that apply):

____ I’m not feeling it today.

____ The assignment was too long so I decided to not read any of it.

____ There was a law review function.  I was drinking working hard.

____  I procrastinated on a paper and pulled an all-nighter last night.

____  The reading was too difficult.

____  The commercial outline inadequately substituted for the reading.

____  I really expected that talkative student would show up prepared again.

____  I was maximizing my absences yesterday and didn’t know how far we got.

____  Used casebook’s previous owner stopped book briefing at this case.

____  The case we are covering is more recent than last decent outline for your course.

____  On your past exams you never tested on this case, so it was a waste of time to read it.

____  I Netflix binged last night.  Sorry.

____  Every time I tried to read it, I developed a sudden-onset Narcolepsy.

_____ I read so far ahead that I forgot what the reading was about.

_____ I am too sad about job interviews, or lack thereof.

_____ What you teach in class seems completely unrelated to the reading anyway.

I promise I’ll read tomorrow.  Unless one of the above applies then, too.