A dream I had:

Me:  Hey, Colleague, do you mind erasing the dry-erase board after you finish teaching?  I have class after you.

Colleague: Actually, there is some discussion in the literature about who is the most efficient person to erase the board.  If you are after me, you may or may not use the board.  So it makes sense that the entering professor wipes the board clean.

Me: Did it account for the informational barriers it will create for my students who will be distracted by what you have on the board?

Colleague: I believe they accounted for that.

Me: Did it account for the five minutes out of every class I’m going to use to ridicule what you wrote on the board, including its instructional merit, your penmanship, and your marker color choice?

Colleague: No.

Me: Okay.  That’s good for now.  Next week we can talk about putting the caps back on the markers and putting them back on the board ledge.