According to the National Law Journal, Dean Amar at Illinois negotiated his salary down by $1,700 and declined a summer stipend.  While Dean Amar is certainly to be commended, I’m a little concerned about all this press about it.

I don’t know Dean Amar.  In case he hires me at some point, let me be clear: I think he’s to be commended.  I’m sure he’s a fantastic Dean choice, a nice person, and also (again, in case he hires me) very perceptive about faculty needs and greatly concerned about student debt burdens.

But he makes $325,000.  His predecessor apparently made around $326,700.  So that’s a 1% pay cut.  Some professors get that pay cut every year from inflation.

He did decline a summer research stipend.  Did I mention I think he should be commended for this?  I’ll assume that’s $10K. So his total pay cut then is about 4%, not adjusting for expense accounts and other perks from being a Dean.

If you had offered ME the job, Illinois, I would have taken a $15K pay cut.  Then, I would have purchased an awesome new car with my pay RAISE from my prior position.  I should be commended for this.

So while Dean Amar is to be commended, given the amount, and given all the free advertising the school is receiving, let’s keep some perspective about it.   All the while commending him.