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Advice for those of us with lifetime or near lifetime appointments.  Posted on Above the Law.


Reading the Mind of Justice Scalia, posted on Above the Law.

Kill Bill Bar. 

Chair: We need to meet.

Prof 1:  I can only meet Wednesday.

Prof 2:  I can’t meet on Wednesday.

Prof 3:  I can meet Wednesday, but only from 10-11.

Prof 1:  I can’t meet from 10-11.

Chair:  Prof 1, can you really only meet on Wednesday?

Prof 2:  Well, I suppose I could terribly inconvenience myself and meet on Friday.

Prof 3.  I can meet on Friday, but only from 12-2.

Prof 1: I can meet then.

Prof 2: Me too.

Chair: Lawprofblawg?  Can you meet Friday at noon?

Me: Well, I can’t meet on Fridays.  But you worked so hard to come up with that date, I’ll just let you all meet.  Checkmate.

Via my post on Above the Law.