FALL 2012 (ST: I had a good summer….It’s over now. 😦 )

LAW 101:  THE LAW OF LAW (ST: The World According to Professor Garp)

 SYLLABUS (ST: Isn’t Syllabus Latin for I’ll read this later?)

 Professor Lawprofblawg (ST: That weird guy)

Office:  Room 222 (ST: In the dark basement past the sign saying “beware of dog” in which the professor resides 2 hours a week and where to go with questions 2 days before the exam starts.)

Office Phone: (888) 999-1010 (ST:  If you need to awake the sleeping giant, call this number.)

Email:  Lawprofblawg@law.university.edu  (ST: Where to e-mail questions two hours before the exam starts, so that he might respond on his iPad.)

Office Hours:  Monday and Wednesday Noon-1 and by appointment (ST: He will be eating while he talks to us.  I’ll stop by at 12:59.)



  1. PROBLEMS IN LAW (20th Ed.) by Lawprofblawg.  (ST: No wonder prof drives a nice car!  And it is a new edition so I can’t buy it used even though he only changed two cases.  I won’t be able to resell it either as the 21st edition comes out.  Grrr.)
  2. Law: Examples & Explanations (recommended) by Lawprofblawg (ST: This is from where he will pull his exam questions at the last minute.)

Attendance and Participation

Class participation and attendance are required.  (ST: Okay, 14 weeks times 3 classes times .8 =… where’s my iphone calculator?)

Class participation may result in the award of push points.  (ST:  Thanks for rewarding those that don’t have social anxiety).

Laptops are not permitted during class.  (ST:  No instant messaging friends, looking things up, online shopping, or in fact doing class related research.  I will just go to my alternate fantasy world when I’m bored.  Or I could just write down every odd thing Prof says and put it on Facebook later.  You can take my laptop, but you can’t make me listen.)

You will be called on randomly to discuss the reading materials.  (ST: Okay, maybe you can make me listen.  😦 I like panels better.  Prof, you always call on me when I’m least prepared, like you have this sixth sense.  Or maybe you smell fear.  Regardless, it’s unnatural.)


Midterm:  A Practice Exam will be given halfway through the course.  It will be ungraded.  (ST: I don’t have to study or work on it too much. That would fly against my normal routine.  Whew).

There will be a comprehensive final exam on December 7, 2012.  (ST:  Pearl Harbor day?   Figures.  Disaster imminent.   One exam determines my fate?  Lucky me.)

The exam will be a four hour, in class, closed book exam.  (ST: Sadist!)


#1.   434-466.  (ST:  OMG, that’s more than 30 pages of reading!  Sadist!)

#2.   599-640.  (ST:  OMG, two days in a row!)

#3.   301-322 (ST: That must be a hard subtopic–less than 30 pages. The footnote on page 303 might be the whole exam question.)

#4.   323-346 (ST: No, he just broke the subject up.  He must have lunch plans these two days).

#5.   1-30.  (ST: Why don’t these books ever go in order?  Assignment #1 should be pages 1-30 and so on.  For the $800 I paid for this book it could at least do that!)

#63.  444-474 (ST:  This is the stuff we’ll never cover.  Must not be important.)