Yes, people, another law blog.  Another anonymous law blog.  Why?  Well, it is anonymous so that my real career as a comedian isn’t ruined.  Also, it is important to protect the identity of someone like me who lacks job security.   Later, when someone decides to reveal my secret identity, I can hate and forgive and then write about it.  It might make a gripping Lifetime Original movie.   Would Brad Pitt agree to play me?

I don’t plan on griping about the world of academia.  The fact is that I love my job.  It is fun, challenging, and provides me with hours of mental stimulation matched only by watching reruns of Twin Peaks.  Nor do I plan on griping about my colleagues, who I respect and admire when faculty meetings are not involved.

The thing of it is, I wasn’t meant to be a law professor.  I’m still getting used to it.  I was meant for different things.  For example, I could have been this.  Maybe not (I can’t sing).

In all seriousness, the legal ivory tower is an interesting world.  To those outside of it, this blog offers a glimpse inside the secret world.  To those inside of it, I only offer this blog as humor.  Under no circumstances should you follow any advice I offer.  Or you’ll end up like me.  Blogging.  Instead of writing articles and thinking about writing articles.  You don’t want that.